99RetailStreet is an eCommerce Cloudplatform targetting the unorganized Retail business in the developing countries. Our ecosystem targets Retailers, Distributors, and Manufacturers. 99RetailStreet provides POS solutions to Retailers, Real-Time Analytics to Manufacturers and Distributors. It also connects the Retailer to the Manufacturer, and to the Distributor & Sub-Distributors. It provides a Technology Platform for Unorganized Retailers and its Ecosystem partners such as Banks, Credit/ Debit Card & Payment Gateway Solutions, Mobile Wallets, Telecom Service Providers.


We Add Value To:



99 RetailStreet Ecosystem

Enable Retailer

Enable a Point of Sales solution at retailer end,  so as to control stocks and inventory better.

Enrich Retailer

 Enrich Retailer to increase its revenue sources by doing Customer Loyalty, Online application delivered to its customers for ordering.

Enhance Retailer

Accept Digital and Mobile payments

Accept Card Payments

Enhance Revenue Streams for Retailer to recover the cost of investment and provide a single source of avenue for customer to do telecom Recharges, Utilities, Bank Deposits, DTH payments and many others.

Emotional Touch

Single point of customers to pay

Deliver Corporate Customers at a lower price.

© 99RetailStreet is the brand name of Aequm India Pvt Ltd


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